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Obituary for John Richard Magee

On Friday, October 18, 2019, our son John Jasmine Richard Magee passed away.
He is survived by his parents John Magee and Patricia Magee-Davis; grandmother Jeanette “Nana” Magee; siblings Bobby, Autumn, Aubrey, and Jonathan Magee; and his close relatives Kelly, Danny and Logan Lasher. John was a kind and generous person, and leaves behind many precious memories that we will cherish forever.

There are many examples of how John is a valuable member of our family. From hero to Mister Fix-it to everything in between. Without John, this family would not be what it is today. Everyday he proves his value and importance by all that he does. Below are some of John’s greatest family memories.

One lasting memory we will always cherish is a recent trip that John took to New York with his brother, Jonathan. John drove up with his brother to help him move into his grandmother’s apartment. Jonathan had just started his career as a NYPD officer (one of New York’s finest). During John’s brief stay at his grandmother’s apartment, he noticed that her television wasn’t working properly and her TV was as old as he was. He purchased a brand new one and had it delivered to her house. Two days after his passing, Nana was surprised when the new television arrived in the mail.

John is also a hero and protector of the family. One such story involves John’s sister, Aubrey. One day, Aubrey was eating her food and suddenly started to choke. John just happened to be in the right place at the right time and quickly jumped into action and properly performed the Heimlich maneuver, successfully dislodging the food. Aubrey will forever be thankful for John’s quick response.

Another great story involves John’s sister, Autumn. One hot summer day while all the kids were at camp learning to swim, Autumn began to have trouble and started to drown. John was a better swimmer and paying attention when no one else was; he grabbed her and rescued her from drowning. Today, Autumn is a nurse and saves other people’s lives thanks to her hero and brother, John.

Bobby is also thankful for having had John in his life. One day, in upstate New York, Bobby wasn’t feeling well and took a day off from school. Bobby needed to rest in bed, but after several hours, had developed a life threating medical condition. If not for our John checking in on him during the day, Bobby would not be with us today. Again, John came through for our family. He’s not only a hero but a teacher and friend. He has blessed us with his teachings on how to be a better person by just being who he was.

John had friends, neighbors, and co-workers that will all miss him; they were devastated to hear of his passing. No one is perfect. John, though, accomplished many things in life and bettered the lives of those around him. You realize how much you love someone and how much you will miss them. I know that my life will have a huge empty place where John used to be. My precious memories are the only thing I have left and I am very glad to have shared them with my son.

John, I miss you and I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to make your life happier, but my memories of you will always be of a happy, beautiful person. Thank you for all the suppers you prepared for me when I came home from work. I thank God for giving me this life with you in it. God and His Son will surely enjoy your company as much as I have. May God bless you, son

John’s funeral arrangements are you in the caring guidance of Winter Oak Funeral Home and Cremations, 1132 E. Plant St. Winter Garden, FL 34787